OCTOBER 13th Evening

90,91 excl. VAT

When: Friday Evening October 13th, 2023
Course location: Lohuizerweg 18, 8162EX Epe, The Netherlands
Language: English
Lecturer: Dr. Kimberly Henneman / Veterinarian (USA)
Registration fee: 110 euro (90,91 euro excl. 21% VAT)
Including: pen/paper/food/drink
After attending this evening you will receive a certificate of attendee.

To be sure to attend this course make your registration at least before September 1. After September 1 no guarantee of participation!

90,91 excl. VAT


Welcome from 6:15PM – WITH FOOD AND DRINKS.
7:00PM –   8:45 PM Overview possibilities of Canine Thermal Imaging.
8:45PM –   9:00 PM Coffee/tea break
9:00PM – 10:00 PM Thermography and canine rehabilitation.
At the end of the course, if you like to play with a camera that’s possible too.

90,91 excl. VAT

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